(215 ILCS 5/126.29)
    Sec. 126.29. Securities lending and repurchase, reverse repurchase, and dollar roll transactions. An insurer may enter into securities lending, repurchase, reverse repurchase, and dollar roll transactions with business entities, subject to the following requirements:
    A. The insurer's board of directors shall adopt a written plan that is consistent with the requirements of the written plan in Section 126.4A that specifies guidelines and objectives to be followed, such as:
        (1) A description of how cash received will be
invested or used for general corporate purposes of the insurer;
        (2) Operational procedures to manage interest rate
risk, counterparty default risk, the conditions under which proceeds from reverse repurchase transactions may be used in the ordinary course of business and the use of acceptable collateral in a manner that reflects the liquidity needs of the transaction; and
        (3) The extent to which the insurer may engage in
these transactions.
    B. The insurer shall enter into a written agreement for all transactions authorized in this Section other than dollar roll transactions. The written agreement shall require that each transaction terminate no more than one year from its inception or upon the earlier demand of the insurer. The agreement shall be with the business entity counterparty, but for securities lending transactions, the agreement may be with an agent acting on behalf of the insurer, if the agent is a qualified business entity, and if the agreement:
        (1) Requires the agent to enter into separate
agreements with each counterparty that are consistent with the requirements of this Section; and
        (2) Prohibits securities lending transactions
pursuant to the agreement with the agent or its affiliates.
    C. Cash received in a transaction under this Section shall be invested in accordance with this Article and in a manner that recognizes the liquidity needs of the transaction or used by the insurer for its general corporate purposes. For so long as the transaction remains outstanding, the insurer, its agent or custodian shall maintain, as to acceptable collateral received in a transaction under this Section, either physically or through the book entry systems of the Federal Reserve, Depository Trust Company, Participants Trust Company or other securities depositories approved by the Director:
        (1) Possession of the acceptable collateral;
        (2) A perfected security interest in the acceptable
collateral; or
        (3) In the case of a jurisdiction outside of the
United States, title to, or rights of a secured creditor to, the acceptable collateral.
    D. The limitations of Sections 126.23 and 126.30 shall not apply to the business entity counterparty exposure created by transactions under this Section. For purposes of calculations made to determine compliance with this subsection, no effect will be given to the insurer's future obligation to resell securities, in the case of a repurchase transaction, or to repurchase securities, in the case of a reverse repurchase transaction. An insurer shall not enter into a transaction under this Section if, as a result of and after giving effect to the transaction:
        (1) The aggregate amount of securities then loaned or
sold to, or purchased from, any one business entity counterparty under this Section would exceed 5% of its admitted assets. In calculating the amount sold to or purchased from a business entity counterparty under repurchase or reverse repurchase transactions, effect may be given to netting provisions under a master written agreement; or
        (2) The aggregate amount of all securities then
loaned, sold to or purchased from all business entities under this Section would exceed 40% of its admitted assets but the limitation of this subsection shall not apply to reverse repurchase transactions for so long as the borrowing is used to meet operational liquidity requirements resulting from an officially declared catastrophe and subject to a plan approved by the Director.
    E. In a dollar roll transaction, the insurer shall receive cash in an amount at least equal to the market value of the securities transferred by the insurer in the transaction as of the transaction date.
    F. The Director may promulgate reasonable rules for investments and transactions under this Section including, but not limited to, rules which impose financial solvency standards, valuation standards, and reporting requirements.
(Source: P.A. 90-418, eff. 8-15-97.)