(215 ILCS 5/1203) (from Ch. 73, par. 1065.903)
    Sec. 1203. Powers and Additional Duties. (a) The Director may enter into any agreement with any corporation, association or other entity he or she deems appropriate to undertake the process described in this Article for the compilation and analysis of data collected by the Department and may conduct or contract for studies on insurance-related questions carried out in pursuance of the purposes of this Article. The agreement may provide for the corporation, association or entity to prepare and distribute or make available data to insurers, government and the general public.
    (b) The Director shall require, and the designated corporation, association or entity shall prepare, semi-annual basic reports in the aggregate on insurance cost trends in Illinois. The Director shall provide these reports to the General Assembly, and upon request, to the public.
    (c) Prior to the release or dissemination of these reports, the Director or the designated corporation, association or entity, shall permit insurers the opportunity to verify the accuracy of any information pertaining to the insurer. The insurer may submit to the Director any corrections or errors in the compilation of the data together with any supporting evidence and documents the insurer may provide.
(Source: P.A. 84-1431.)