(215 ILCS 5/107a.09)
    Sec. 107a.09. Service companies for group workers' compensation pools.
    (a) No association, corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, trust, or other business entity shall provide services in the design, establishment, or administration of a group workers' compensation pool unless it is licensed to do so by the Department. An applicant for a license shall state in writing the type of activities it seeks authorization to engage in and the type of services it seeks authorization to provide. The license shall be granted only when the Director is satisfied that the entity possesses the necessary organization, background, character, expertise, and financial integrity to supply the services sought to be offered. The Department may issue a license subject to restrictions or limitations, including restrictions or limitations on the type of services that may be supplied or the activities in which the entity may engage. A license issued under this Section shall be valid for 2 years.
    (b) To assure that administrators are financially solvent, that pools are administered in a fair and capable fashion, and that administrators are able to process claims and pay benefits in a prompt, fair, and equitable manner, entities licensed to engage in those activities under this Section are subject to supervision and examination by the Department.
    (c) The Department may adopt rules for the purposes of this Article. The rules shall (i) establish reporting requirements for administrators for group workers' compensation pools, including experience reporting requirements consistent with those established under this Code for insurers; (ii) establish bonding requirements or other provisions assuring the financial integrity of entities administering group self-insurance; and (iii) establish other reasonable requirements to further the purposes of this Article.
(Source: P.A. 91-757, eff. 1-1-01.)