(215 ILCS 5/107a.05)
    Sec. 107a.05. Definitions and interchangeable terms.
    (a) Unless otherwise provided, the following definitions shall apply:
    "Authorized insurer" means an insurer licensed in this State to transact business as described in Clauses (c) and (d) of Class 2 of Section 4 of this Code.
    "Calendar Quarter" means the 3-month periods ending March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.
    "Director" means the Director of Insurance.
    "Engaged actively in the business" means a bona fide business concern having conducted commerce, trade, or industry in this State for a specified period of time. Any and all records relating to this requirement shall be open to inspection by the Director or his designee during normal business hours.
    "Gross annual payroll" means payroll for the preceding fiscal year.
    "Independent actuarial opinion" means an opinion expressed by a member of the American Academy of Actuaries or Casualty Actuarial Society.
    "Independent CPA" means an independent certified public accountant or independent certified public accounting firm in good standing and licensed to practice by the Department of Professional Regulation.
    "Pool" means a qualified group workers' compensation pool as authorized by this Article.
    "Qualified group workers' compensation pool" means a group workers' compensation pool that has received a certificate of authority pursuant to this Article.
    (b) For purposes of incorporating the provisions of this Code designated in paragraphs (1) and (2) of subsection (a) of Section 107a.04 into this Article, the following terms shall be interchangeable:
    "Contribution" shall be considered premium.
    "Pooling agreement" shall be considered a policy of insurance.
    "Trustees of a group workers' compensation pool" shall be considered as though they were directors of a domestic mutual insurance company.
(Source: P.A. 91-757, eff. 1-1-01.)