(210 ILCS 60/8.10)
    Sec. 8.10. Additional requirements; volunteer hospice program. In addition to complying with the standards prescribed by the Department under Section 9 and complying with all other applicable requirements under this Act, a volunteer hospice program must do the following:
        (1) Provide hospice care to patients regardless of
their ability to pay, with emphasis on the utilization of volunteers to provide services. Nothing in this paragraph prohibits a volunteer hospice program from employing paid staff, however.
        (2) Provide services not required under subsection
(a) of Section 8 in accordance with generally accepted standards of practice and in accordance with applicable local, State, and federal laws.
        (3) Include the word "Volunteer" in its corporate
name and in all verbal and written communications to patients, patients' families and representatives, and the community and public at large.
        (4) Provide information regarding other hospice care
providers available in the hospice program's service area.
(Source: P.A. 94-570, eff. 8-12-05.)