(210 ILCS 55/9.02) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 2809.02)
    Sec. 9.02. When the Department determines that an agency is in violation of this Act or any rule promulgated hereunder, a notice of violation shall be served upon the licensee. However, if the Department finds that the violation does not pose a substantial risk to the health or safety of the agency's clients or patients, the Department may choose to request a plan of correction for the Department's approval prior to issuing the notice of violation. If the agency fails to submit an acceptable plan of correction or fails to implement a Department-approved plan of correction within the time provided by the Department, the Department shall then issue the notice of violation. Each notice of violation shall be prepared in writing and shall specify the nature of the violation and the statutory provision or rule alleged to have been violated. The notice shall inform the licensee of any action the Department may take under this Act, including the requirement of an agency plan of correction under Section 9.03, assessment of a penalty under Section 9.04, or licensure action under Section 9. The Director or his designee shall also inform the licensee of rights to a hearing under Section 10.
(Source: P.A. 103-257, eff. 1-1-24.)