(210 ILCS 55/6.4)
    Sec. 6.4. Oversight and direction of skilled home care services. A physician licensed in another state may oversee or direct the delivery of skilled home care services provided by home health and home nursing agencies licensed in Illinois following care or treatment originally provided to the patient in the state in which the physician is licensed to practice medicine until care is transitioned to a physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches in Illinois under the following conditions:
        (1) The out-of-state physician shall ask the patient
whether the patient has a primary care physician in Illinois. If the patient has a primary care physician in Illinois, the out-of-state physician shall contact the primary care physician and obtain the concurrence of that individual for ordering home health care services. The out-of-state physician shall make a notation of that contact in the patient's medical record.
        (2) The transition period may not exceed 90 days of
skilled home care services except as provided by paragraph (3) of this Section.
        (3) The transition period may be up to 180 days of
skilled home care services for patients where home health services are needed to care for 2 or more medical conditions requiring intensive management by 2 or more physicians, with documentation supporting unsuccessful efforts in identifying an appropriate physician in Illinois within the initial 90-day time period.
        (4) Any significant change in the patient's
condition shall be communicated by the Illinois licensed agency to the out-of-state physician and the patient's Illinois licensed physician.
        (5) A copy of the license or evidence of licensure
by another state of the out-of-state physician must be retained in the patient's chart.
(Source: P.A. 98-448, eff. 1-1-14.)