(210 ILCS 50/3.165)
    Sec. 3.165. Misrepresentation.
    (a) No person shall hold himself or herself out to be or engage in the practice of an EMS Medical Director, EMS Administrative Director, EMS System Coordinator, EMR, EMD, EMT, EMT-I, A-EMT, Paramedic, ECRN, PHRN, PHAPRN, PHPA, TNS, or LI without being licensed, certified, approved or otherwise authorized pursuant to this Act.
    (b) A hospital or other entity which employs or utilizes an EMR, EMD, EMT, EMT-I, A-EMT, or Paramedic in a manner which is outside the scope of his or her license shall not use the words "emergency medical responder", "EMR", "emergency medical technician", "EMT", "emergency medical technician-intermediate", "EMT-I", "advanced emergency medical technician", "A-EMT", or "Paramedic" in that person's job description or title, or in any other manner hold that person out to be so licensed.
    (c) No provider or participant within an EMS System shall hold itself out as providing a type or level of service that has not been approved by that System's EMS Medical Director.
(Source: P.A. 100-1082, eff. 8-24-19.)