(210 ILCS 50/3.100)
    Sec. 3.100. Level II Trauma Center Minimum Standards. The Department shall establish, through rules adopted pursuant to this Act, standards for Level II Trauma Centers which shall include, but need not be limited to:
    (a) The designation by the trauma center of a Trauma Center Medical Director and specification of his qualifications;
    (b) The types of surgical services the trauma center must have available for trauma patients. The Department shall not require the availability of all surgical services required of Level I Trauma Centers;
    (c) The types of nonsurgical services the trauma center must have available for trauma patients;
    (d) The numbers and qualifications of emergency medical personnel, taking into consideration the more limited trauma services available in a Level II Trauma Center;
    (e) The types of equipment that must be available for trauma patients;
    (f) Requiring the trauma center to have a written agreement with a Level I Trauma Center serving the EMS Region outlining their respective responsibilities in providing trauma services, executed within a reasonable time designated by the Department, unless the requirement for a Level I Trauma Center to serve that EMS Region has been waived by the Department;
    (g) Requiring the trauma center to be affiliated with an EMS System;
    (h) Requiring the trauma center to have a communications system that is fully integrated with the Level I Trauma Centers and the EMS Systems with which it is affiliated;
    (i) The types of data the trauma center must collect and submit to the Department relating to the trauma services it provides. Such data may include information on post-trauma care directly related to the initial traumatic injury provided to trauma patients until their discharge from the facility and information on discharge plans;
    (j) Requiring the trauma center to have helicopter landing capabilities approved by appropriate State and federal authorities, if the trauma center is located within a municipality having a population of less than two million people.
(Source: P.A. 89-177, eff. 7-19-95.)