(210 ILCS 45/3-420) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 4153-420)
    Sec. 3-420. In any transfer or discharge conducted under Sections 3-415 through 3-418 the Department shall:
    (a) Provide written notice to the facility prior to the transfer or discharge. The notice shall state the basis for the order of transfer or discharge and shall inform the facility of its right to an informal conference prior to transfer or discharge under this Section, and its right to a subsequent hearing under Section 3-422. If a facility desires to contest a nonemergency transfer or discharge, prior to transfer or discharge it shall, within 4 working days after receipt of the notice, send a written request for an informal conference to the Department. The Department shall, within 4 working days from the receipt of the request, hold an informal conference in the county in which the facility is located. Following this conference, the Department may affirm, modify or overrule its previous decision. Except in an emergency, transfer or discharge may not begin until the period for requesting a conference has passed or, if a conference is requested, until after a conference has been held; and
    (b) Provide written notice to any resident to be removed, to the resident's representative, if any, and to a member of the resident's family, where practicable, prior to the removal. The notice shall state the reason for which transfer or discharge is ordered and shall inform the resident of the resident's right to challenge the transfer or discharge under Section 3-422. The Department shall hold an informal conference with the resident or the resident's representative prior to transfer or discharge at which the resident or the representative may present any objections to the proposed transfer or discharge plan or alternative placement.
(Source: P.A. 81-223.)