(210 ILCS 9/30)
    Sec. 30. Licensing.
    (a) The Department shall establish by rule forms, procedures, and fees for the annual licensing of assisted living and shared housing establishments; shall establish and enforce sanctions and penalties for operating in violation of this Act, as provided in Section 135 of this Act and rules adopted under Section 110 of this Act. The Department shall conduct an annual on-site review for each establishment covered by this Act, which shall include, but not be limited to, compliance with this Act and rules adopted hereunder, focus on solving resident issues and concerns, and the quality improvement process implemented by the establishment to address resident issues. The quality improvement process implemented by the establishment must benchmark performance, be customer centered, be data driven, and focus on resident satisfaction.
    (b) An establishment shall provide the following information to the Department to be considered for licensure:
        (1) the business name, street address, mailing
address, and telephone number of the establishment;
        (2) the name and mailing address of the owner or
owners of the establishment and if the owner or owners are not natural persons, identification of the type of business entity of the owners, and the names and addresses of the officers and members of the governing body, or comparable persons for partnerships, limited liability companies, or other types of business organizations;
        (3) financial information, content and form to be
determined by rules which may provide different standards for assisted living establishments and shared housing establishments, establishing that the project is financially feasible;
        (4) the name and mailing address of the managing
agent of the establishment, whether hired under a management agreement or lease agreement, if different from the owner or owners, and the name of the full-time director;
        (5) verification that the establishment has entered
or will enter into a service delivery contract as provided in Section 90, as required under this Act, with each resident or resident's representative;
        (6) the name and address of at least one natural
person who shall be responsible for dealing with the Department on all matters provided for in this Act, on whom personal service of all notices and orders shall be made, and who shall be authorized to accept service on behalf of the owner or owners and the managing agent. Notwithstanding a contrary provision of the Code of Civil Procedure, personal service on the person identified pursuant to this subsection shall be considered service on the owner or owners and the managing agent, and it shall not be a defense to any action that personal service was not made on each individual or entity;
        (7) the signature of the authorized representative of
the owner or owners;
        (8) proof of an ongoing quality improvement program
in accordance with rules adopted by the Department;
        (9) information about the number and types of units,
the maximum census, and the services to be provided at the establishment, proof of compliance with applicable State and local residential standards, and a copy of the standard contract offered to residents;
        (10) documentation of adequate liability insurance;
        (11) other information necessary to determine the
identity and qualifications of an applicant or licensee to operate an establishment in accordance with this Act as required by the Department by rule.
    (c) The information in the statement of ownership shall be public information and shall be available from the Department.
(Source: P.A. 96-975, eff. 7-2-10.)