(210 ILCS 9/20)
    Sec. 20. Construction and operating standards. The Department shall prescribe minimum standards for establishments. These standards shall include:
        (1) the location and construction of the
establishment, including plumbing, heating, lighting, ventilation, and other physical conditions which shall ensure the health, safety, and comfort of residents and their protection from fire hazards; these standards shall include, at a minimum, compliance with the residential board and care occupancies chapter of the National Fire Protection Association's Life Safety Code, local and State building codes for the building type, and accessibility standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act;
        (2) the number and qualifications of all personnel
having responsibility for any part of the services provided for residents;
        (3) all sanitary conditions within the establishment
and its surroundings, including water supply, sewage disposal, food handling, infection control, and general hygiene, which shall ensure the health and comfort of residents;
        (4) a program for adequate maintenance of physical
plant and equipment;
        (5) adequate accommodations, staff, and services for
the number and types of residents for whom the establishment is licensed;
        (6) the development of evacuation and other
appropriate safety plans for use during weather, health, fire, physical plant, environmental, and national defense emergencies; and
        (7) the maintenance of minimum financial and other
resources necessary to meet the standards established under this Section and to operate the establishment in accordance with this Act.
(Source: P.A. 96-975, eff. 7-2-10.)