(205 ILCS 685/3) (from Ch. 17, par. 7353)
    Sec. 3. As used in this Act, the term:
    (a) "Currency" means currency and coin of the United States;
    (b) (Blank);
    (c) "Director" means Director of the Illinois State Police;
    (d) "Financial Institution" means any:
        (1) National or state bank or banking association;
        (2) Agency or branch of a foreign bank, or
international bank;
        (3) Industrial savings bank;
        (4) Trust company;
        (5) Federal or state savings and loan association;
        (6) Federal or state credit union;
        (7) Community or ambulatory currency exchange;
        (8) Issuer, redeemer, or cashier of travelers'
checks, money orders, or similar instruments;
        (9) Operator of a credit card system;
        (10) Insurance company;
        (11) Dealer in precious metals, stones, and jewels;
        (12) Loan or finance company;
        (13) Pawnbroker;
        (14) Travel agency;
        (15) Licensed sender of money;
        (16) Telegraph company;
        (17) Business engaged in vehicle or vessel sales,
including automobile, airplane and boat sales;
        (18) Person involved in real estate closings,
settlements, sales, or auctions.
However, "Financial Institution" does not include an office, department, agency or other entity of State government.
(Source: P.A. 102-538, eff. 8-20-21.)