(205 ILCS 657/37)
    Sec. 37. Display of disclosure notice.
    (a) Each authorized seller shall conspicuously display a disclosure notice supplied by the licensee; each licensee that transmits money directly shall also conspicuously display a disclosure notice.
    (b) The disclosure notice shall contain the following information:
        (1) In the case of an authorized seller only, the
name of the authorized seller's licensee issuing the disclosure notice.
        (2) A toll-free telephone number for the Department
of Financial Institutions which will provide customer support for suspected violations of this Act.
        (3) A statement that the authorization may be revoked
at any time by the licensee.
    (c) A licensee shall notify the Department within 30 days when an authorized seller is no longer an authorized seller for the licensee. An authorized seller who has been terminated shall remove the disclosure notice from the premises within 10 business days after such termination. A terminated authorized seller who wilfully and knowingly refuses to remove the disclosure notice within 10 business days of termination commits a Class B misdemeanor.
    (d) If a customer of a former authorized seller detrimentally relies on a disclosure notice that was not removed, the former authorized seller shall be civilly liable if the customer proves: (1) that the entity possessed the disclosure notice beyond 10 business days from the termination of authorization by the licensee, (2) that the entity held itself out as an authorized seller, without informing the customer that the seller was no longer authorized by the licensee, (3) that the customer justifiably relied upon the conspicuously displayed disclosure notice formerly provided by the licensee, and (4) that the entity engaged in the business of transmitting money after its termination as an authorized seller.
    (e) As used in this Section, "civil liability" means liability for actual loss, reasonable attorney's fees, and costs.
(Source: P.A. 93-535, eff. 1-1-04.)