(205 ILCS 645/12) (from Ch. 17, par. 2719)
    Sec. 12. Control by Commissioner.
    (a) Upon the Commissioner's taking possession, pursuant to Section 53 of the Illinois Banking Act, of the business and property in this State of the banking office of a foreign banking corporation whose deposit liabilities in this State are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the amounts deposited pursuant to Section 11 shall thereupon become the property of the Commissioner, free and clear of any and all liens and other claims, and shall be held by the Commissioner in trust for the depositors of such banking office. The Commissioner may, without regard to any priorities, preferences, or adverse claims and without obtaining the approval of any court, reduce such property to cash and, as soon as practicable, utilize the cash to cover initial liquidation costs, if any, and then distribute any excess to such depositors on a pro rata basis; but no depositor may receive an amount in excess of his account balances. For purposes of this Section, the term "depositor" does not include any other offices or branches of, or wholly-owned (except for a nominal number of directors' shares) subsidiaries of, such foreign banking corporation, but includes those to whom such banking office is indebted by virtue of money or its equivalent received by such banking office (i) for which it has given credit or is obligated to give credit to a time or demand deposit or which is evidenced by a check or draft against a deposit account and certified by such banking office, or (ii) for which it has issued a letter of credit for cash or a traveler's check on which such banking office is primarily liable, or (iii) for which it has issued an outstanding draft (including advice or authorization to charge the banking office's balance at another bank), cashier's check or money order, or other officer's check.
    (b) Whenever the Commissioner takes possession of the property and business of a foreign bank pursuant to Section 53 of the Illinois Banking Act, the Commissioner shall conserve or liquidate the property and business of the foreign bank pursuant to the laws of this State as if the foreign bank were an Illinois bank, with absolute preference and priority given to the creditors of the foreign bank arising out of transactions with, and recorded on the books of, its Illinois state branch or Illinois state agency over the creditors of the foreign bank's offices located outside this State. When the Commissioner has completed the liquidation of the property and business of a foreign bank, the Commissioner shall transfer any remaining assets to the foreign bank in accordance with such orders as the court may issue. However, in case the foreign bank has an office in another state of the United States which is in liquidation and the assets of such office appear to be insufficient to pay in full the creditors of that office, the court shall order the Commissioner to transfer to the liquidator of that office such amount of any such remaining assets as appears to be necessary to cover the insufficiency; if there are 2 or more such offices and the amount of remaining assets is less than the aggregate amount of insufficiencies with respect to the offices, the court shall order the Commissioner to distribute the remaining assets among the liquidators of those offices in such manner as the court finds equitable.
(Source: P.A. 92-483, eff. 8-23-01.)