(205 ILCS 405/13) (from Ch. 17, par. 4821)
    Sec. 13. No more than one place of business shall be maintained under the same community currency exchange license, but the Secretary may issue more than one license to the same licensee upon compliance with the provisions of this Act governing an original issuance of a license, for each new license.
    Whenever a community currency exchange or an ambulatory currency exchange shall wish to change its name in its license, it shall file an application for approval thereof with the Secretary, and if the change is approved by the Secretary he shall attach to the license, in writing, a rider stating the licensee's new name.
    If an ambulatory currency exchange has serviced a licensed location for 2 years or longer and the employer whose employees are served at that location has moved his place of business, the currency exchange may continue its service to the employees of that employer at the new address of that employer's place of business by filing a notice of the change of address with the Secretary and by relinquishing its license to conduct its business at the employer's old address upon receipt of a license to conduct its business at the employer's new address. Nothing in this Act shall preclude or prevent an ambulatory currency exchange from filing an application to conduct its business at the old address of an employer who moved his place of business after the ambulatory currency exchange receives a license to conduct its business at the employer's new address through the filing of a notice of its change of address with the Secretary and the relinquishing of its license to conduct its business at the employer's old address.
    Whenever a currency exchange wishes to make any other change in the address set forth in any of its licenses, it shall apply to the Secretary for approval of such change of address. Every application for approval of a change of address shall be treated by the Secretary in the same manner as is otherwise provided in this Act for the treatment of proposed places of business or locations as contained in new applications for licenses; and if any fact or condition then exists with respect to the application for change of address, which fact or condition would otherwise authorize denial of a new application for a license because of the address of the proposed location or place of business, then such application for change of address shall not be approved. Whenever a community currency exchange wishes to sell its physical assets, it may do so, however, if the assets are sold with the intention of continuing the operation of a community currency exchange, the purchaser or purchasers must first make application to the Secretary for licensure in accordance with Section 4 of this Act. If the Secretary shall not so approve, he shall not issue such license and shall notify the applicant or applicants of such denial. The investigation fee for a change of location is $500.
    The provisions of Sections 4.1A and 10 of this Act with reference to notice, hearing and review apply to applications filed pursuant to this Section.
(Source: P.A. 99-445, eff. 1-1-16.)