(110 ILCS 992/20-65)
    Sec. 20-65. Appeal and review.
    (a) Any person or entity affected by a decision of the Secretary under any provision of this Act may obtain review of that decision within the Department.
    (b) The Secretary may, in accordance with the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act, adopt rules to provide for review within the Department of his or her decisions affecting the rights of entities under this Act. The review shall provide for, at a minimum:
        (1) appointment of a hearing officer other than a
regular employee of the Department;
        (2) appropriate procedural rules, specific deadlines
for filings, and standards of evidence and of proof; and
        (3) provision for apportioning costs among parties to
the appeal.
    (c) All final agency determinations of appeals to decisions of the Secretary may be reviewed in accordance with and under the provisions of the Administrative Review Law. Appeals from all final orders and judgments entered by a court in review of any final administrative decision of the Secretary or of any final agency review of a decision of the Secretary may be taken as in other civil cases.
(Source: P.A. 100-540, eff. 12-31-18.)