(110 ILCS 992/10-5)
    Sec. 10-5. Student Loan Ombudsman.
    (a) The position of Student Loan Ombudsman is created within the Office of the Attorney General to provide timely assistance to student loan borrowers.
    (b) The Student Loan Ombudsman, in consultation with the Secretary, shall:
        (1) receive, review, and attempt to resolve any
complaints from student loan borrowers, including, but not limited to, attempts to resolve complaints in collaboration with institutions of higher education, student loan servicers, and any other participants in student loan lending;
        (2) compile and analyze data on student loan borrower
        (3) assist student loan borrowers to understand their
rights and responsibilities under the terms of student education loans;
        (4) provide information to the public, agencies,
legislators, and others regarding the problems and concerns of student loan borrowers and make recommendations for resolving those problems and concerns;
        (5) analyze and monitor the development and
implementation of federal, State, and local laws, regulations, and policies relating to student loan borrowers and recommend any changes the Student Loan Ombudsman deems necessary;
        (6) review the complete student education loan
history for any student loan borrower who has provided written consent for such review;
        (7) disseminate information concerning the
availability of the Student Loan Ombudsman to assist student loan borrowers and potential student loan borrowers, as well as public institutions of higher education, student loan servicers, and any other participant in student education loan lending, with any student loan servicing concerns; and
        (8) take any other actions necessary to fulfill the
duties of the Student Loan Ombudsman as set forth in this subsection.
(Source: P.A. 100-540, eff. 12-31-18.)