(110 ILCS 947/130)
    Sec. 130. Purpose. The General Assembly finds and declares that (1) the provision of an education for all residents of this State who desire an education and are properly qualified therefor is important to the welfare and security of this State and Nation and, consequently, is an important public purpose, and (2) many qualified students are deterred by financial considerations from completing their education, with a consequent irreparable loss to the State and Nation of talents vital to welfare and security. Improved access to loans will enable those residents to attend the institutions of their choice. Establishment of a secondary market for certain loans will reduce lender administrative costs associated with educational loans, facilitate the early identification and treatment of delinquent loan accounts, and reduce potential student loan default losses so as to improve student access to loans made by commercial lenders.
(Source: P.A. 89-442, eff. 12-21-95.)