(110 ILCS 405/4) (from Ch. 144, par. 48.4)
    Sec. 4. Whenever bonds are issued by the Board of Trustees, as provided in this Act, it shall be the duty of such Board to establish charges or fees for the use of any such building or buildings sufficient at all times to pay maintenance and operation costs and principal of and interest on such bonds, or sufficient, when added to University income authorized and allocated for such purpose, to pay the costs specified in Section 6g of "An Act in relation to State finance", approved June 30, 1919, as amended, and in Section 1.1 of this Act, and all revenues derived from the operation thereof and all University income authorized by law and allocated by said Board for such purpose shall be set aside in a separate account and fund which shall be used only in paying the cost of maintenance and operation of said building or buildings, providing for the performance of all obligations under all covenants in the resolution authorizing the issue of said bonds, and paying the principal of and interest upon the bonds issued for the purpose or purposes set forth and described in said resolution authorizing the issue of said bonds.
(Source: Laws 1955, p. 796.)