(110 ILCS 58/45)
    Sec. 45. Technical Assistance Center. The Board of Higher Education must develop a Technical Assistance Center that is responsible for all of the following:
        (1) Developing standardized policies for medical
leave related to mental health conditions for students of a public college or university, which may be adopted by the public college or university.
        (2) Providing tailored support to public colleges or
universities in reviewing policies related to students living with mental health conditions and their academic standing.
        (3) Establishing initial standards for policies and
procedures under subsection (a) of Section 30.
        (4) Disseminating best practices around peer support
programs, including widely accepted selection criteria for individuals serving in a peer support role.
        (5) Developing statewide standards and best practices
for partnerships between local mental health agencies and college campuses across this State.
        (6) Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data
related to mental health needs and academic engagement across this State.
        (7) Housing data collected by each public college or
university related to Section 50 and analyzing and disseminating best practices to each public college or university and the public based on that data.
        (8) Monitoring and evaluating linkage agreements
under Section 40 to ensure capacity is met by each public college or university.
        (9) Facilitating a learning community across all
public colleges or universities to support capacity building and learning across those institutions.
(Source: P.A. 101-251, eff. 7-1-20.)