(105 ILCS 426/70)
    Sec. 70. Closing of a school.
    (a) In the event a school proposes to discontinue its operations, the chief administrative officer of the school shall cause to be filed with the Board the original or legible true copies of all such academic records of the institution as may be specified by the Board.
    (b) These records shall include, at a minimum, the academic records of each former student that is traditionally provided on an academic transcript, such as, but not limited to, courses taken, terms, grades, and other such information.
    (c) In the event it appears to the Board that any such records of an institution discontinuing its operations is in danger of being lost, hidden, destroyed, or otherwise made unavailable to the Board, the Board may seize and take possession of the records, on its own motion and without order of court.
    (d) The Board shall maintain or cause to be maintained a permanent file of such records coming into its possession.
    (e) As an alternative to the deposit of such records with the Board, the institution may propose to the Board a plan for permanent retention of the records. The plan must be put into effect only with the approval of the Board.
    (f) When a postsecondary educational institution now or hereafter operating in this State proposes to discontinue its operation, such institution shall cause to be created a teach-out plan acceptable to the Board, which shall fulfill the school's educational obligations to its students. Should the school fail to deliver or act on the teach-out plan, the Board is in no way responsible for providing the teach-out.
    (f-5) The school shall release any institutional holds placed on any student record, regardless of the type of hold placed on the student record.
    (g) The school and its designated surety bonding company are responsible for the return to students of all prepaid, unearned tuition. As identified in Section 55 of this Act, the surety bond must be a written agreement that provides for monetary compensation in the event that the school fails to fulfill its obligations. The surety bonding company shall guarantee the return to the school's students and their parents, guardians, or sponsors of all prepaid, unearned tuition in the event of school closure. Should the school or its surety bonding company fail to deliver or act to fulfill the obligation, the Board is in no way responsible for the repayment or any related damages or claims.
(Source: P.A. 102-1046, eff. 6-7-22; 103-154, eff. 6-30-23.)