(105 ILCS 426/40)
    Sec. 40. Enrollment agreements. A copy of the enrollment agreement must be provided to the Board. Enrollment agreements may be used by schools only if approved by the Board. The Board shall develop a standard enrollment agreement for use by schools approved or seeking approval under this Act. Schools may create an enrollment agreement that meets the minimum requirements of this Section, but it must be approved by the Board prior to implementation. The student must be given a copy of the enrollment agreement at the time the student signs that agreement and at the time of the agreement's acceptance, if those events occur at different times. The school shall retain a signed copy of the fully executed enrollment agreement as a part of the student's permanent record. No school may enter into an enrollment agreement wherein the student waives the right to assert against the school or any assignee any claim or defense he or she may have against the school arising under the agreement. Any provisions in an enrollment agreement wherein the student agrees to such a waiver shall be rendered void. Enrollment agreements shall include, at a minimum, a clear description of costs, refund policies, program information, all disclosures required by this Act, the Board's Internet website, the address and phone number of the Board for students to report complaints, and any additional information the Board may require by rule.
(Source: P.A. 97-650, eff. 2-1-12.)