(105 ILCS 426/20)
    Sec. 20. Permit of approval. No person or group of persons subject to this Act may establish and operate or be permitted to become incorporated for the purpose of (1) operating a private business and vocational school or (2) creating or developing a course of instruction, non-degree program of study, or program of study curriculum in order to sell such courses of instruction or curriculum to a private business and vocational school, without obtaining from the Board a permit of approval, provided that a permit of approval is not required for a program that is devoted entirely to religion or theology or a program offered by an institution operating under the authority of the Private College Act, the Academic Degree Act, or the Board of Higher Education Act. Application for a permit must be made to the Board upon forms furnished by it. The Board may not approve any application for a permit of approval that has been plagiarized, in part or in whole. Additionally, the Board may not approve any application for a permit of approval that has not been completed in its entirety. Permits of approval are not transferable. Whenever a change of ownership of a school occurs, an application for a permit of approval for the school under the changed ownership must immediately be filed with the Board. Whenever an owner, partnership, or corporation operates a school at different locations, an application for a permit of approval must be filed for each location. A school must have approval prior to operating at a location and must make application to the Board for any change of location and for a classroom extension at a new or changed location. Each application required to be filed in accordance with the provisions of this Section must be accompanied by the required fee under the provisions of Sections 75 and 85 of this Act, and all such applications must be made on forms prepared and furnished by the Board. The permit of approval must be prominently displayed at some place on the premises of the school at each school location open to the inspection of all interested persons. The Board shall maintain, open to public inspection, a list of schools, their classroom extensions, and their courses of instruction approved under this Act and may annually publish such a list. Issuance of the permit of approval by the Board does not denote that the school or any program offered by the school is recommended, guaranteed, or endorsed by the Board or that the Board is responsible for the quality of the school or its programs, and no school may communicate this to be the case. No guarantee of employability of school graduates is made by the Board in its approval of programs or schools, and no school may communicate such information.
(Source: P.A. 102-1046, eff. 6-7-22.)