(105 ILCS 155/1-10)
    Sec. 1-10. Wellness Checks in Schools Collaborative.
    (a) Subject to appropriation, the Department of Healthcare and Family Services shall establish the Wellness Checks in Schools Collaborative for school districts that wish to implement wellness checks to identify students in grades 7 through 12 who are at risk of mental health conditions, including depression or other mental health issues. The Department shall work with school districts that have a high percentage of students enrolled in Medicaid and a high number of referrals to the State's Crisis and Referral Entry Services (CARES) hotline.
    (b) The Collaborative shall focus on the identification of research-based screening tools validated to screen for mental health conditions in adolescents and identification of staff who will be responsible for completion of the screening tool. Nothing in this Act prohibits a school district from using a self-administered screening tool as part of the wellness check. To assist school districts in selecting research-based screening tools to use in their wellness check programs, the Department of Healthcare and Family Services may develop a list of preapproved research-based screening tools that are validated to screen adolescents for mental health concerns and are appropriate for use in a school setting. The list shall be posted on the websites of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services and the State Board of Education.
    (c) The Collaborative shall also focus on assisting participating school districts in establishing a referral process for immediate intervention for students who are identified as having a behavioral health issue that requires intervention.
    (d) The Department shall publish a public notice regarding the establishment of the Collaborative with school districts and shall conduct regular meetings with interested school districts.
    (e) Subject to appropriation, the Department shall establish and implement a program to provide wellness checks in public schools in accordance with this Section.
(Source: P.A. 102-1037, eff. 6-2-22.)