(105 ILCS 135/9) (from Ch. 122, par. 1609)
    Sec. 9. (a) The Department shall, by July 1, 1987, develop a list of those art or craft materials which can be purchased or ordered for use in kindergarten or grades one through 6, and a list of materials which, while not currently sold or manufactured, may be reasonably suspected to still exist at some schools. In developing the approved lists, the Department may, as a condition of placement on such list, demand, under appropriate provisions of confidentiality to protect a manufacturer's trade secrets, submission of such lists of ingredients and the results of tests, studies, findings and analysis as may be extant from manufacturers.
    (b) The Department shall consider the findings and conclusions of a voluntary art and craft material certifying organization as to the appropriateness of placement of any product on the Department's art and craft materials approved list if:
    (1) such voluntary certifying organization bases its findings and conclusions upon the findings of an independent certified toxicologist; and
    (2) such voluntary certifying organization discloses to the Department the standards and procedures used by its certifying toxicologist for determining whether art and craft materials contain toxic substances causing chronic illness and if so, whether such substances can reasonably be expected to pose or not to pose a risk of adverse health effects. The Department may determine to add any product to such art and craft materials approved list for good cause. Such determination shall afford due consideration to uniform determinations by other state health departments or agencies and voluntary certifying organizations as specified above on this subject.
    (c) The State Superintendent of Education shall distribute the lists to all school districts in Illinois and shall make the lists available to preschool, child care centers, and other businesses and organizations which involve children in the use of art or craft materials.
    (d) The Superintendent shall inform school districts of the requirements of this Act, and shall encourage school districts to dispose of unnecessary art or craft materials which contain toxic substances.
(Source: P.A. 86-595.)