(105 ILCS 125/0.05)
    Sec. 0.05. State policy and legislative intent. The General Assembly recognizes that hunger and food security are serious problems in the State of Illinois with as many as one million citizens being affected. These citizens have lost their sense of food security. It is estimated that just under 600,000 Illinois children experience hunger or food insecurity, meaning that they either go without eating meals, or their parents cannot provide the kinds of food they need. Because low-income children are not being adequately nourished, even to the point where many are arriving at school hungry, the General Assembly believes it is in the best interest of Illinois to utilize resources available through existing child nutrition programs, to the fullest extent possible.
    The General Assembly also recognizes a definite correlation between adequate child nutrition and a child's physical, emotional, and cognitive development. There is also a correlation between adequate nutrition and a child's ability to perform well in school. In this regard, the General Assembly realizes the importance of the National School Breakfast Program as an effective measure that must be widely implemented to insure more adequate nutrition for Illinois children.
(Source: P.A. 91-843, eff. 6-22-00.)