(105 ILCS 5/34-44) (from Ch. 122, par. 34-44)
    Sec. 34-44. Budget estimates. The budget shall set forth estimates, by classes, of all current assets and liabilities of each fund of the board as of the beginning of the fiscal year, and the amounts of such assets estimated to be available for appropriation in such year, either for expenditures or charges to be made or incurred during such year or for liabilities unpaid at the beginning thereof. Estimates of taxes to be received from prior levies shall be net, after deducting amounts estimated to be sufficient to cover the loss and cost of collecting such taxes and also deferred collections thereof and abatements in the amount of such taxes extended or to be extended upon the collectors' books.
    Estimates of the liabilities of the respective funds shall include:
    1. All final judgments, including accrued interest thereon, entered against the board and unpaid at the beginning of such fiscal year;
    2. The principal of all general obligation notes or anticipation tax warrants and all temporary loans and all accrued interest thereon unpaid at the beginning of such fiscal year;
    3. Any amount for which the board is required to reimburse the working cash fund from the educational purposes fund pursuant to the provisions of Section 34-30 through 34-36 and
    4. The amount of all accounts payable including estimates of audited vouchers, participation certificates, inter fund loans and purchase orders payable.
    The budget shall also set forth detailed estimates of all accrued tax revenues recognized for such year and of all current revenues to be derived from sources other than taxes, including State contributions, rents, fees, perquisites and all other types of revenue, which will be applicable to expenditures or charges to be made or incurred during such year.
    All such estimates shall be so segregated and classified as to funds, and in such other manner as to give effect to the requirements of law relating to the respective purposes to which the assets and taxes and other current revenues are applicable, so that no expenditure shall be authorized or made for any purpose in excess of the money lawfully available therefor.
    The several estimates of assets, liabilities and expenditure requirements required or authorized to be made by this and the next succeeding section shall be made on the basis of information known to the board at the close of the preceding fiscal year and shall not be invalidated or otherwise subject to attack merely because after that time additional information is known to or could be discovered by the board that would require a different estimate, or because the board might have amended such estimates under any of the provisions of Section 34-47.
(Source: P.A. 84-1238.)