(105 ILCS 5/34-225)
    Sec. 34-225. School transition plans.
    (a) If the Board approves a school action, the chief executive officer or his or her designee shall work collaboratively with local school educators and families of students attending a school that is the subject of a school action to ensure successful integration of affected students into new learning environments.
    (b) The chief executive officer or his or her designee shall prepare and implement a school transition plan to support students attending a school that is the subject of a school action that accomplishes the goals of this Section. The chief executive must identify and commit specific resources for implementation of the school transition plan for a minimum of the full first academic year after the board approves a school action.
    (c) The school transition plan shall include the following:
        (1) services to support the academic, social, and
emotional needs of students; supports for students with disabilities, homeless students, and English language learners; and support to address security and safety issues;
        (2) options to enroll in higher performing schools;
        (3) informational briefings regarding the choice of
schools that include all pertinent information to enable the parent or guardian and child to make an informed choice, including the option to visit the schools of choice prior to making a decision;
        (4) the provision of appropriate transportation where
        (5) the departments that are responsible for the
        (6) specific programs to be offered; and
        (7) support to implement plans at receiving schools,
specifying the funding source.
    (d) When implementing a school action, the Board must make reasonable and demonstrated efforts to ensure that:
        (1) affected students receive a comparable level of
social support services provided by Chicago Public Schools that were available at the previous school, provided that the need for such social support services continue to exist; and
        (2) class sizes of any receiving school do not exceed
those established under the Chicago Public Schools policy regarding class size, subject to principal discretion.
(Source: P.A. 100-965, eff. 8-19-18.)