(105 ILCS 5/27-23.4)
    Sec. 27-23.4. Violence prevention and conflict resolution education. School districts shall provide instruction in violence prevention and conflict resolution education for grades kindergarten through 12 and may include such instruction in the courses of study regularly taught therein. School districts may give regular school credit for satisfactory completion by the student of such courses.
    As used in this Section, "violence prevention and conflict resolution education" means and includes instruction in the following:
        (1) The consequences of violent behavior.
        (2) The causes of violent reactions to conflict.
        (3) Nonviolent conflict resolution techniques.
        (4) The relationship between drugs, alcohol and
    The State Board of Education shall prepare and make available to all school boards instructional materials that may be used as guidelines for development of a violence prevention program under this Section, provided that each school board shall determine the appropriate curriculum for satisfying the requirements of this Section. The State Board of Education shall assist in training teachers to provide effective instruction in the violence prevention curriculum.
    The State Board of Education and local school boards shall not be required to implement the provisions of this Section unless grants of funds are made available and are received after July 1, 1993 from private sources or from the federal government in amounts sufficient to enable the State Board and local school boards to meet the requirements of this Section. Any funds received by the State or a local educational agency pursuant to the federal Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1994 shall first be applied or appropriated to meet the requirements and implement the provisions of this Section.
(Source: P.A. 97-87, eff. 7-8-11.)