(105 ILCS 5/21-28)
    Sec. 21-28. Special education teachers; certification.
    (a) In order to create a special education workforce with the broad-based knowledge necessary to educate students with a variety of disabilities, the State Board of Education and State Teacher Certification Board shall certify a special education teacher under one of the following:
        (1) Learning behavior specialist I.
        (2) Learning behavior specialist II.
        (3) Teacher of students who are blind or visually
        (4) Teacher of students who are deaf or hard of
        (5) Speech-language pathologist.
        (6) Early childhood special education teacher.
    (b) The State Board of Education is authorized to provide for the assignment of individuals to special education positions by short-term, emergency certification. Short-term, emergency certification shall not be renewed.
    (c) The State Board of Education is authorized to use peremptory rulemaking, in accordance with Section 5-50 of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act, to place into the Illinois Administrative Code the certification policies and standards related to special education, as authorized under this Section, that the State Board has been required to implement pursuant to federal court orders dated February 27, 2001, August 15, 2001, and September 11, 2002 in the matter of Corey H., et al. v. Board of Education of the City of Chicago, et al.
(Source: P.A. 97-227, eff. 1-1-12; 97-461, eff. 8-19-11; 97-813, eff. 7-13-12.)