(105 ILCS 5/1E-75)
    (This Section scheduled to be repealed in accordance with 105 ILCS 5/1E-165)
    Sec. 1E-75. Tax levy.
    (a) Before or at the time of issuing any Bonds, the Authority shall provide by resolution for the levy and collection of a direct annual tax upon all the taxable property located within the district without limit as to rate or amount sufficient to pay and discharge the principal thereof at maturity or on sinking fund installment dates and to pay the interest thereon as it falls due. The taxes as levied shall also include additional amounts to the extent that the collections in the prior years were insufficient to pay and discharge the principal thereof at maturity, sinking fund installments, if any, and interest thereon as it fell due, and the amount so collected shall be placed in the debt service reserve fund. The tax shall be in addition to and exclusive of the maximum of all taxes that the Authority or the district is authorized by law to levy for any and all school purposes. The resolution shall be in force upon its adoption.
    (b) The levy shall be for the sole benefit of the holders of the Bonds, and the holders of the Bonds shall have a security interest in and lien upon all rights, claims, and interests of the Authority arising pursuant to the levy and all present and future proceeds of the levy until the principal of and sinking fund installments and interest on the Bonds are paid in full. All proceeds from the levy shall be deposited by each county collector directly in the debt service fund established pursuant to Section 1E-80 of this Code, shall be applied solely for the payment of principal of and sinking fund installments and interest on the Bonds, and shall not be used for any other purpose.
    (c) Upon the filing in the office of the county clerk of each county where the school district is located of a duly certified copy of the resolution, it shall be the duty of each county clerk to extend the tax provided for in the resolution, including an amount determined by the Authority to cover loss and cost of collection and also deferred collections and abatements in the amount of the taxes as extended on the collectors' books. The tax shall be separate and apart from all other taxes of the Authority or the district and shall be separately identified by the collectors.
(Source: P.A. 92-547, eff. 6-13-02.)