(105 ILCS 5/1E-65)
    (This Section scheduled to be repealed in accordance with 105 ILCS 5/1E-165)
    Sec. 1E-65. Power to issue bonds.
    (a) The Authority may incur indebtedness by the issuance of negotiable full faith and credit general obligation bonds of the Authority in an outstanding amount not to exceed at any time, including existing indebtedness, 13.8% of the district's most recent equalized assessed valuation, excluding Bonds of the Authority that have been refunded, for (i) the purpose of providing the district with moneys for ordinary and necessary expenditures and other operational needs of the district; (ii) payment or refunding of outstanding debt obligations or tax anticipation warrants of the district, the proceeds of which were used to provide financing for the district; (iii) payment of fees for arrangements as provided in subsection (b) of Section 1E-70 of this Code; (iv) payment of interest on Bonds; (v) establishment of reserves to secure Bonds; (vi) the payment of costs of issuance of Bonds; (vii) payment of principal of or interest or redemption premium on any Bonds or notes of the Authority; and (viii) all other expenditures of the Authority incidental to and necessary or convenient for carrying out its corporate purposes and powers.
    (b) The Authority may from time to time (i) issue Bonds to refund any outstanding Bonds or notes of the Authority, whether the Bonds or notes to be refunded have or have not matured or become redeemable, and (ii) issue Bonds partly to refund Bonds or notes then outstanding and partly for any other purpose set forth in this Section.
    (c) Bonds issued in accordance with subsection (a) of this Section are not subject to any other statutory limitation as to debt, including without limitation that established by the Local Government Debt Limitation Act, and may be issued without referendum.
(Source: P.A. 92-547, eff. 6-13-02.)