(105 ILCS 5/1B-7.10)
    Sec. 1B-7.10. Hiring of a chief fiscal officer.
    (a) In lieu of a Financial Oversight Panel Financial Administrator under Section 1B-7 of this Code, a school district under the authority of a Financial Oversight Panel, after consultation with the Financial Oversight Panel, may appoint a chief fiscal officer who, under the direction of the school board and Financial Oversight Panel, shall have the powers and duties of the district's chief school business official and any other duties regarding budgeting, accounting, and other financial matters that are assigned by the school board or Financial Oversight Panel in accordance with this Code. The district may not employ a chief school business official during the period that the chief fiscal officer is serving in the district. The chief fiscal officer may but is not required to hold a certificate with a chief school business official endorsement issued under Article 21 of this Code.
    (b) The Financial Oversight Panel shall have the final approval of the chief fiscal officer position under this Section as well as the person, based upon his or her skills to fulfill the position.
(Source: P.A. 96-401, eff. 8-13-09.)