(105 ILCS 5/15-26) (from Ch. 122, par. 15-26)
    Sec. 15-26. Liquidation of permanent fund. Upon a petition signed by at least one hundred voters of any school township filed with the regional superintendent of schools asking that the permanent funds of such township be liquidated and distributed to the schools of said township, said regional superintendent of schools shall certify the proposition to the proper election authorities for submission to the electorate at a regular scheduled election in said township the proposition to liquidate such permanent funds and distribute the proceeds thereof to the schools of the said school township. Such funds may be deposited by the district either in the educational or operations and maintenance fund, or in both in such proportion as the school board shall determine. If the said proposition receives a majority of the votes cast upon such proposition the township land commissioners shall proceed to sell the lands included in the assets of the permanent fund and liquidate the permanent funds of said school township and distribute same in the manner provided in this Article; if the average income from the permanent funds of any school township for a period of three years amounts to less than $2500 the regional board of school trustees or the township land commissioners shall proceed forthwith to liquidate such funds and sell the lands included in the assets of the permanent fund without any petition or election.
    The expenses of liquidation shall be paid out of the moneys obtained from the liquidation. Upon completion of every sale of lands the township land commissioners or the regional board of school trustees, as the case may be, shall deliver to the purchaser a certificate of purchase including the name and residence of the purchaser and the price and description of the land.
(Source: P.A. 86-970.)