(105 ILCS 5/14C-4) (from Ch. 122, par. 14C-4)
    Sec. 14C-4. Notice of enrollment; content; rights of parents.
    No later than 30 days after the beginning of the school year or 14 days after the enrollment of any child in a program in transitional bilingual education during the middle of a school year, the school district in which the child resides shall notify by mail the parents or legal guardian of the child of the fact that their child has been enrolled in a program in transitional bilingual education. The notice shall contain all of the following information in simple, nontechnical language:
        (1) The reasons why the child has been placed in and
needs the services of the program.
        (2) The child's level of English proficiency, how
this level was assessed, and the child's current level of academic achievement.
        (3) The method of instruction used in the program and
in other available offerings of the district, including how the program differs from those other offerings in content, instructional goals, and the use of English and native language instruction.
        (4) How the program will meet the educational
strengths and needs of the child.
        (5) How the program will specifically help the child
to learn English and to meet academic achievement standards for grade promotion and graduation.
        (6) The specific exit requirements for the program,
the expected rate of transition from the program into the regular curriculum, and the expected graduation rate for children in the program if the program is offered at the secondary level.
        (7) How the program meets the objectives of the
child's individual educational program (IEP), if applicable.
        (8) The right of the parents to decline to enroll the
child in the program or to choose another program or method of instruction, if available.
        (9) The right of the parents to have the child
immediately removed from the program upon request.
        (10) The right of the parents to visit transitional
bilingual education classes in which their child is enrolled and to come to the school for a conference to explain the nature of transitional bilingual education.
    The notice shall be in writing in English and in the language of which the child of the parents so notified possesses a primary speaking ability.
    Any parent whose child has been enrolled in a program in transitional bilingual education shall have the absolute right to immediately withdraw his child from said program by providing written notice of such desire to the school authorities of the school in which his child is enrolled or to the school district in which his child resides.
(Source: P.A. 92-604, eff. 7-1-02.)