(105 ILCS 5/14A-50)
    Sec. 14A-50. Contracts for experimental projects and institutes. Subject to the availability of funds, the State Board of Education shall have the authority to enter into and monitor contracts with school districts, regional offices of education, colleges, universities, and professional organizations for the conduct of experimental projects and institutes, including summer institutes, in the field of education of gifted and talented children as defined in Section 14A-20 of this Code. These projects and institutes shall be established in accordance with rules adopted by the State Board of Education. Prior to entering into a contract, the State Board of Education shall evaluate the proposal as to the soundness of the design of the project or institute, the probability of obtaining productive outcomes, the adequacy of resources to conduct the proposed project or institute, and the relationship of the project or institute to other projects and institutes already completed or in progress. The contents of these projects and institutes must be designed based on standards adopted by professional organizations for gifted and talented children.
(Source: P.A. 94-151, eff. 7-8-05; 94-410, eff. 8-2-05.)