(105 ILCS 5/14-7.01) (from Ch. 122, par. 14-7.01)
    Sec. 14-7.01. Children attending classes in another district.) If a child, resident of one school district, because of his disability, attends a class or school for any of such types of children in another school district, the school district in which he resides shall grant the proper permit, provide any necessary transportation, and pay to the school district maintaining the special educational facilities the per capita cost of educating such children.
    Such per capita cost shall be computed in the following manner. The cost of conducting and maintaining any special educational facility shall be first determined and shall include the following expenses applicable only to such educational facility under rules and regulations established by the State Board of Education as follows:
    (a) Salaries of teachers, professional workers, necessary non-certified workers, clerks, librarians, custodial employees, readers, and any district taxes specifically for their pension and retirement benefits.
    (b) Educational supplies and equipment including textbooks.
    (c) Administrative costs and communication.
    (d) Operation of physical plant including heat, light, water, repairs, and maintenance.
    (e) Auxiliary service, including up to 20% of transportation cost.
    (f) Depreciation of physical facilities at a rate of $200 per pupil, or the actual rental paid for the physical facilities calculated on a per pupil basis. From such total cost thus determined there shall be deducted the State reimbursement due on account of such educational program for the same year, not including any State reimbursement for special education transportation and offsetting federal revenue for the program, except federally funded health care reimbursement need not be deducted. Such net cost shall be divided by the average number of pupils in average daily enrollment in such special education facility for the school year in order to arrive at the net per capita tuition cost.
    If the child, resident of any school district, because of his disability, attends a class or school for any of such types of children maintained in a teacher training center supported by public funds or State institution of higher learning, the resident district shall provide any necessary transportation and shall be eligible to the transportation reimbursement provided in Section 14-13.01.
    A resident district may, upon request, provide transportation for residents of the district who meet the requirements, other than the specified age, of children with disabilities as defined in Section 14-1.02, who attend classes in another district, and shall make a charge for any such transportation in an amount equal to the cost thereof, including a reasonable allowance for depreciation of the vehicles used.
(Source: P.A. 89-397, eff. 8-20-95.)