(105 ILCS 5/14-1.09.2)
    Sec. 14-1.09.2. School Social Work Services. In the public schools, social work services may be provided by qualified specialists who hold Type 73 School Service Personnel Certificates endorsed for school social work issued by the State Teacher Certification Board or who hold a Professional Educator License with a school support personnel endorsement in the area of school social worker under Section 21B-25 of this Code.
    School social work services may include, but are not limited to:
        (1) Identifying students in need of special education
services by conducting a social-developmental study in a case study evaluation;
        (2) Developing and implementing comprehensive
interventions with students, parents, and teachers that will enhance student adjustment to, and performance in, the school setting;
        (3) Consulting and collaborating with teachers and
other school personnel regarding behavior management and intervention plans and inclusion in support of special education students in regular classroom settings;
        (4) Counseling with students, parents, and teachers
in accordance with the rules and regulations governing provision of related services, provided that parent permission must be obtained in writing before a student participates in a group counseling session;
        (5) Acting as a liaison between the public schools
and community resources;
        (6) Developing and implementing school-based
prevention programs, including mediation and violence prevention, implementing social and emotional education programs and services, and establishing and implementing bullying prevention and intervention programs;
        (7) Providing crisis intervention within the school
        (8) Supervising school social work interns enrolled
in school social work programs that meet the standards established by the State Board of Education;
        (9) Providing parent education and counseling as
appropriate in relation to the child's educational assessment;
        (10) Assisting in completing a functional behavioral
assessment, as well as assisting in the development of nonaversive behavioral intervention strategies; and
        (11) Evaluating program effectiveness.
    Nothing in this Section prohibits other certified professionals from providing any of the services listed in this Section for which they are appropriately trained.
(Source: P.A. 98-338, eff. 8-13-13.)