(75 ILCS 16/40-30)
    Sec. 40-30. Special tax rate; referendum.
    (a) No board or district may levy the special tax provided for in Section 40-20 or 40-25 unless the ordinance authorizing the special tax is submitted to and approved by a majority of the voters voting on the question at an election.
    (b) The special tax shall be levied at a rate of not more than 0.0833% of the value of all taxable property in the district, as equalized and assessed by the Department of Revenue in any one year, and shall be in addition to the tax otherwise authorized to be levied and collected for library purposes. The special tax shall not be levied for more than the number of years into which the trustees have divided the cost of the plan.
    (c) Submission of the special tax levy to the voters of the district shall be authorized by an ordinance enacted by the board. The ordinance shall designate the election at which the proposition is to be submitted, the total cost of the project, the amount of the annual levy to be certified, and the number of years the levy is to be made. The board shall certify the proposition to the proper election authority, who shall submit the proposition in accordance with the Election Code.
    (d) The proposition shall be substantially in the following form:
        Shall Ordinance No. (number of ordinance), dated
(date of enactment), of (name of public library district), (location), Illinois, providing for a total expenditure of $(amount) for (state one or more purposes authorized in Section 40-20 or 40-25), and for the levy of a special annual tax in the amount of $(amount) for (number of years), be approved?
(Source: P.A. 87-1277.)