(75 ILCS 10/7.5)
    Sec. 7.5. Regional library service planning panels.
    (a) Each regional multitype library system shall establish one or more regional library service planning panels in such a manner that all territory within the system boundaries is assigned to a planning panel. A library system having fewer than 10% of the people within its jurisdiction unserved by a public library may establish one planning panel that coincides with the system boundaries. A library system having more than 10% of the people within its jurisdiction unserved by a public library may establish more than one planning panel based on county boundary lines within the library system area and incorporating all or part of one or more counties. A regional library service planning panel shall consist of 7 or more members, broadly representative of the designated area, appointed by the Secretary of State in his or her capacity as State Librarian upon recommendations submitted by the multitype library system serving that region. Membership shall include representation from existing public libraries, local, county, or regional government entities, persons residing in areas served by a public library, and persons residing in areas unserved by a public library within the region's boundaries. Members of a panel may be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses incurred.
    (b) Each regional planning panel shall work in conjunction with the library system to develop, approve, and submit to the Secretary of State, no later than January 1, 1997, a plan detailing how existing library service providers may extend public library services to those people unserved by a public library at that time. Approved plans shall (i) include, but not be limited to, a program for implementation and a schedule for achieving regional goals no later than January 1, 2000 and (ii) describe on a county by county basis how universal public library service can be delivered within the designated region.
    (c) Reports submitted by each regional library service planning panel to the Secretary of State shall describe and explain suggested boundaries for public library service areas within the region, the process by which each described service area will receive public library service from an existing library service provider, funding recommendations appropriate to each circumstance, suggested timetable for implementation for each portion of the regional plan, and other information as requested by the Secretary of State.
(Source: P.A. 89-188, eff. 7-19-95.)