(75 ILCS 10/13) (from Ch. 81, par. 123)
    Sec. 13. In the event that the board of directors of a library system determines to terminate the system and to cause liquidation thereof, the board of directors of the library system shall submit an application to the State Librarian together with a plan of liquidation describing the proposed liquidation and setting forth the plan of liquidating obligations of the system including but not limited to the obligations for pensions that may have been provided for employees of the system.
    The State Librarian, upon receipt of the application, shall first determine if the area of service can be allocated to other adjoining systems, and whether the assets and liabilities of the system proposed to be liquidated can be assumed and absorbed by such adjoining systems.
    If adjoining systems absorb the assets and assume the obligations of the liquidating system, the State Librarian shall approve of the amendments to the plans of service and amendments to the state grants to the systems succeeding to the liquidating system.
    In the event, however, that a system must be liquidated, the plan of liquidation shall provide for the payment of all outstanding debts and may provide, in addition, that assets of intrinsic value only to libraries or of such historic value that such should remain in a library, then the plan of liquidation may provide for transfer of such items to the State Library of the State of Illinois. The State Library may itself transfer such items to other library systems or retain the items in its own collection.
(Source: Laws 1967, p. 2428.)