(70 ILCS 3705/5) (from Ch. 111 2/3, par. 192)
    Sec. 5. The trustees appointed in pursuance of the foregoing provisions of this Act shall constitute a board of trustees for the district for which they are appointed. Such board of trustees is hereby declared to be the corporate authority of such district and shall exercise all the powers, manage and control all the affairs and properties of such district, and shall have power to adopt a corporate seal for such district.
    Such board of trustees shall within twenty days after their appointment and at the first meeting in May of each year thereafter elect one of their number as Chairman, one of their number as Vice Chairman, and shall elect a Secretary and a Treasurer, neither of which shall be members of the board of trustees. They shall each perform such duties and shall receive such salaries as shall be prescribed by the board, and shall be required to furnish bonds in such sum as may be fixed by the board of trustees for the use and benefit of the district.
(Source: Laws 1945, p. 1187.)