(70 ILCS 3615/3.12)
    Sec. 3.12. Reduced or free transit fare study.
    (a) By July 1, 2024, the Authority shall conduct a study and submit a report to the Governor and General Assembly regarding free and reduced fares and the development of a more equitable fare structure for the regional transit system. The study shall include:
        (1) The impact and feasibility of providing
year-round reduced or free transit fares, including, but not limited to, veterans, returning residents, students and youths, people experiencing low-incomes, and other riders who are not currently receiving free or reduced fares.
        (2) A review of all reduced fare programs
administered by the Authority and the service boards, which includes information on accounting of the total cost of the program, costs to increase the program, current sources of funding for the program, and recommendations to increase enrollment in current reduced fare and free-ride programs and any other recommendations for improvements to the programs.
        (3) Analysis of how reduced and free ride programs
and changes in eligibility and funding for these programs would affect the regional transit operating budget.
    (b) In this Section, "returning resident" means any United States resident who is 17 years of age or older and has been in and left the physical custody of the Department of Corrections within the last 36 months.
(Source: P.A. 103-281, eff. 1-1-24.)