(70 ILCS 3615/2.39)
    Sec. 2.39. Prioritization process for Northeastern Illinois transit projects.
    (a) The Authority shall develop a transparent prioritization process for Northeastern Illinois transit projects receiving State capital funding. The prioritization process must consider, at a minimum: (1) access to key destinations such as jobs, retail, healthcare, and recreation, (2) reliability improvement, (3) capacity needs, (4) safety, (5) state of good repair, (6) racial equity and mobility justice, and (7) economic development. All State capital funding awards shall be made by the Regional Transportation Authority in accordance with the prioritization process. An appropriate public input process shall be established. The Authority shall make a report to the General Assembly each year describing the prioritization process and its use in funding awards.
    (b) A summary of the project evaluation process, measures, program, and scores or prioritization criteria for all candidate projects shall be published on the Authority's website in a timely manner.
    (c) Starting April 1, 2022, no project shall be included in the 5-year capital program, or amendments to that program, without being evaluated under the selection process described in this Section.
(Source: P.A. 102-573, eff. 8-24-21.)