(70 ILCS 3615/2.12b)
    Sec. 2.12b. Coordination of Fares and Service. Upon the request of a Service Board, the Executive Director of the Authority may, upon the affirmative vote of 9 of the then Directors of the Authority, intervene in any matter involving (i) a dispute between Service Boards or a Service Board and a transportation agency providing service on behalf of a Service Board with respect to the terms of transfer between, and the allocation of revenues from fares and charges for, transportation services provided by the parties or (ii) a dispute between 2 Service Boards with respect to coordination of service, route duplication, or a change in service. Any Service Board or transportation agency involved in such dispute shall meet with the Executive Director, cooperate in good faith to attempt to resolve the dispute, and provide any books, records, and other information requested by the Executive Director. If the Executive Director is unable to mediate a resolution of any dispute, he or she may provide a written determination recommending a change in the fares or charges or the allocation of revenues for such service or directing a change in the nature or provider of service that is the subject of the dispute. The Executive Director shall base such determination upon the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan established pursuant to Section 2.01a(b). Such determination shall be presented to the Board of the Authority and, if approved by the affirmative vote of at least 9 of the then Directors of the Authority, shall be final and shall be implemented by any affected Service Board and transportation agency within the time frame required by the determination.
(Source: P.A. 95-708, eff. 1-18-08.)