(70 ILCS 3615/2.07) (from Ch. 111 2/3, par. 702.07)
    Sec. 2.07. Extra-territorial Authority. In order to provide or assist any transportation of members of the general public between points in the metropolitan region and points outside the metropolitan region, whether in this State or in Wisconsin or Indiana, the Authority may at the request and for the benefit of a Service Board, by ordinance, enter into agreements with any unit of local government, individual, corporation or other person or public agency in or of any such state or any private entity for such service. Such agreements may provide for participation by a Service Board in providing such service and for grants by a Service Board in connection with any such service, and may, subject to federal and State law, set forth any terms relating to such service, including coordinating such service with public transportation in the metropolitan region. Such agreement may be for such number of years or duration as the parties may agree. In regard to any such agreements or grants, a Service Board shall consider the benefit to the metropolitan region and the financial contribution with regard to such service made or to be made from public funds in such areas served outside the metropolitan region.
(Source: P.A. 83-886.)