(70 ILCS 3615/2.05) (from Ch. 111 2/3, par. 702.05)
    Sec. 2.05. Centralized Services; Acquisition and Construction.
    (a) The Authority may at the request of two or more Service Boards, serve, or designate a Service Board to serve, as a centralized purchasing agent for the Service Boards so requesting.
    (b) The Authority may at the request of two or more Service Boards perform other centralized services such as ridership information and transfers between services under the jurisdiction of the Service Boards where such centralized services financially benefit the region as a whole. Provided, however, that the Board may require transfers only upon an affirmative vote of 12 of its then Directors.
    (c) A Service Board or the Authority may for the benefit of a Service Board, to meet its purposes, construct or acquire any public transportation facility for use by a Service Board or for use by any transportation agency and may acquire any such facilities from any transportation agency, including also without limitation any reserve funds, employees' pension or retirement funds, special funds, franchises, licenses, patents, permits and papers, documents and records of the agency. In connection with any such acquisition from a transportation agency the Authority may assume obligations of the transportation agency with regard to such facilities or property or public transportation operations of such agency.
    In connection with any construction or acquisition, the Authority shall make relocation payments as may be required by federal law or by the requirements of any federal agency authorized to administer any federal program of aid.
    (d) The Authority shall, after consulting with the Service Boards, develop regionally coordinated and consolidated sales, marketing, advertising, and public information programs that promote the use and coordination of, and transfers among, public transportation services in the metropolitan region. The Authority shall develop and adopt, with the affirmative vote of at least 12 of its then Directors, rules and regulations for the Authority and the Service Boards regarding such programs to ensure that the Service Boards' independent programs conform with the Authority's regional programs.
(Source: P.A. 95-708, eff. 1-18-08.)