(70 ILCS 3010/2a) (from Ch. 42, par. 319.2a)
    Sec. 2a. Every sanitary district has the power to construct or acquire, and to improve, extend, and operate a sewerage system. Any sanitary district that owns and operates or that may hereafter own and operate a sewerage system also has the power, when determined by its board of trustees to be in the public interest and necessary for the protection of the public health, to enter into and perform contracts, whether long-term or short-term, with any industrial establishment for the provision and operation by the sanitary district of sewerage facilities to abate or reduce the pollution of water caused by discharges of industrial wastes by the industrial establishment and the payment periodically by the industrial establishment to the sanitary district of amounts at least sufficient, in the determination of such board of trustees, to compensate the sanitary district for the cost of providing (including payment of principal and interest charges, if any), and of operating and maintaining the sewerage facilities serving such industrial establishment.
    Every sanitary district has the power to borrow money from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, the Public Works Administration, or from any other source, for the purpose of improving or extending or for the purpose of constructing or acquiring and improving and extending a sewerage system and as evidence thereof, to issue its revenue bonds, payable solely from the revenue derived from the operation of the sewerage system by that sanitary district. These bonds may be issued for maturities not exceeding forty years from the date of the bonds, and in such amounts as may be necessary to provide sufficient funds to pay all the costs of the improvement or extension or construction or acquisition and improvement and extension of the sewerage system, including engineering, legal and other expenses, together with interest, to a date six months subsequent to the estimated date of completion. These bonds shall bear interest at a rate not exceeding that permitted by "An Act to authorize public corporations to issue bonds, other evidences of indebtedness and tax anticipation warrants subject to interest rate limitations set forth therein", approved May 26, 1970, as amended, payable semiannually. Bonds issued under this Act are negotiable instruments. They shall be executed by the presiding officer and clerk of the sanitary district and shall be sealed with the sanitary district's corporate seal. In case any officer whose signature appears on the bonds or coupons ceases to hold that office before the bonds are delivered, his signature, nevertheless, shall be valid and sufficient for all purposes, the same as though he had remained in office until the bonds were delivered. The bonds shall be sold in such manner and upon such terms as the board of trustees shall determine.
(Source: P.A. 83-591.)