(70 ILCS 1830/6) (from Ch. 19, par. 506)
    Sec. 6. The Port District has the following functions, powers and duties:
        (a) to study the existing harbor facilities within
the area of the Port District and to recommend to an appropriate governmental agency, including the General Assembly of Illinois, such changes and modifications as may from time to time be required for continuing development therein and to meet changing business and commercial needs;
        (b) to make an investigation of conditions within the
Port District and to prepare and adopt a comprehensive plan for the development of port facilities for the Port District. In preparing and recommending changes and modifications in existing harbor facilities, or a comprehensive plan for the development of such port facilities, as above provided, the Port District if it deems desirable may set aside and allocate an area or areas, within the lands owned by it, to be leased to private parties for industrial, manufacturing, commercial, or harbor purposes, where such area or areas in the opinion of the Board, are not required for primary purposes in the development of harbor and port facilities for the use of public water and land transportation, or will not be needed immediately for such purposes, and where such leasing in the opinion of the Board will aid and promote the development of terminal and port facilities;
        (c) to study and make recommendations to the proper
authority for the improvement of terminal, lighterage, wharfage, warehousing, anchorage, transfer and other facilities necessary for the promotion of commerce and the interchange of traffic within, to and from the Port District;
        (d) to study, prepare and recommend by specific
proposals to the General Assembly of Illinois changes in the jurisdiction of the Port District;
        (e) to petition any federal, state, municipal or
local authority, administrative, judicial and legislative, having jurisdiction in the premises, for the adoption and execution of any physical improvement, change in method, system of handling freight, warehousing, docking, lightering and transfer of freight, which in the opinion of the Board are designed to improve or better the handling of commerce in and through the Port District or improve terminal or transportation facilities therein; and
        (f) to petition any federal, state, or local
authority, including administrative, judicial, and legislative branches, having jurisdiction for the adoption and execution of any physical improvement or operation related to the management of fish and wildlife, recreation, water supply, or flood control which in the opinion of the Board is for the purpose of improving or bettering the quality of life in the Port District or add to the diversity of amenities related to that purpose.
(Source: P.A. 99-507, eff. 6-24-16.)